Since its founding, the Association has built the following collaborations:

Rotarian Fellowship on CSR
The Rotarian Fellowship of Corporate Social Responsibility supports organizations, either private or public, in achieveing the main social responsibility objectives, such as accountability, transparency, and ethics.
Rotary International District 2080
The Association was one of the key partners in the implementation of the Conference dedicated to Corporate Startups organized by the Rotary 2080 District and the Virgilio Association, which was held at the Conference Hall of the National Research Council in Rome, moderated by President Cutuli.
Civitan International
The Watson Society supported the operations connected with the building of the Italian District of Civitan International, the fourth Organization of Service Club in the world, founded in the US in 1917 but not yet present in our Country until 2012. In particular, the Association made its resources available for the purpose of creating the Civitan Club Roma and Civitan Club Roma Centenario.
INGA – Istituto Nazionale Ghiaccio Alimentare (National Food Ice Institute)
The Watson Society has made its Virtual Non-Profit Incubator available for the establishment of the National Food Ice Institute, a national trade association that aims to unite the operators of this. still rather unknown, sector in the Country.
It has also collaborated with:
  • Italian-American Chamber of Commerce of Chicago;
  • CCILV, Italian-Latvian Chamber of Commerce;
  • Piazza Italia LLC (Italian Expo, Chicago);
  • FuturLab Association;
  • European innovators.

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