Honor Committee

The Watson Society recognizes every year people who distinguish for his excellence and who has had a significant positive impact on the Italian-american community. The award was established in 2014 and since then every awarded person joined The Watson Society Honor Committee becoming an TWS honorary member.


Graduated from the Law School of the University of Rome “LUISS Guido Carli”, and received his LLM degree from the “New York Law School”. He is also  a professor of Commercial Law at the University “Mediterranea" and also teaches at the International Academy of Rome and at Temple University. He is also the co-founder and president of the association and non-profit organization “Cesdi – Centro Studi per il Diritto Internazionale” whose main aim is to promote research on the law in general and private international law in particular, founder and chairman of the “REAL”, an organization striving for creating a professional network among all the legal professionals and Law Firms involved in the Real Estate in the whole world, especially in the United States and Italy.
He is an author of numerous publications who writes on various subjects in Italian and English. He has authored the two books, “L’Impresa Internazionale tra Paesi di Common Law e MIST”, and the book “L’Impresa Internazionale nei cosiddetti Paradisi Fiscali".


Gaetano Armao graduated with honors from University of Palermo in 1985, specializes with honors on financial intermediation jurisprudence at the University of Ferrara in 1988, attended the european community and internal public law doctorate at the University of Palermo. Assistant Professor of administrative law at the Political Science faculty of University of Palermo in 1992 and visiting scholar at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies of London in 1993.From 1996 he teaches administrative law and public accounting at the University of Palermo and economics public law at the University Mercatorum. He is a fellow member of the Society of Advanced Legal Studies at the University of London. Court of Cassation attorney with offices in Palermo and Rome, has been and expert consultant for the European Council and consultant for national and regional governments end for the Parliamentary Antimafia Commission.


Barbara Contini is an official of international organizations and an expert on international politics and security. She received a degree in political science, languages and Japanese from the University of Naples “Orientale” and is an expert in peacekeeping, international negotiations and emergency management. She speaks and writes fluent English, French, Spanish and Japanese, and understands Serbo-Croatian and Arabic. She has various national and international masters regarding international negotiations, industrial contracts, cooperation and development, company management and marketing. In Darfur, she was special envoy of the Italian Prime Minister. Her fame in Italy is due to her role during the war years in Iraq, when she was nominated by the American guided provisional authority Governor of the province of Nasiryah. During the XVI legislature, she was elected Senator of the Republic.