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For some years now The Watson Society has started an editorial activity with the aim of spreading, in accordance with what is written in its charter, a renewed entrepreneurial culture that starting from tradition moves towards the wider territories of innovation.

The editorial activity on the Web, for which The Watson Society has obtained the registration to the Register of Communication Operators as 'Digital Publisher', is carried out through web publications (blogs, webzines, digital magazines, newswires) in Italian and English with the aim of disseminating news about topics such as Business Startups, International Trade and Technological Innovation.

In 2016 a collection of books in Italian was inaugurated, in paper format and e-book, entitled 'The American Method'. The first volume, which was very well received by critics in the Italian press, was written by the President of The Watson Society, Dr. Carmelo Cutuli, on the subject of media relations.

The Watson Society's publishing activity is operated on a non-profit basis; any marginal revenues obtained in the framework of this initiative are intended for the launch of new publications.

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