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A quality network is the basis for the success of any innovative project: public image and proactive contacts fuel the interest of the stakeholders, amplifying the results.

The Watson Society in the course of its activities between Italy, the USA and the rest of the world has developed its institutional relations, constantly maintaining excellent contacts with the government and diplomatic representatives of various nations, a precious and difficult to replicate asset that is made available to members.

Through the establishment of specialized technical committees, The Watson Society carries out activities of advocacy, public and cultural diplomacy, aimed at promoting consensus around issues on which there is a difference of opinion.

The Watson Society is able to monitor issues of interest to stakeholders, analyse them and develop accurate proposals for submission to the relevant decision-making bodies. The committees involve the best professionals in the sector and can, on occasion, support specific and targeted requests.

The Watson Society, thanks to its extensive network of media contacts and experience in media relations, is also able to support international communication campaigns.

TWS Partnerships International program is absolutely not a commercial activity but an activity of mutual collaboration between associations based on the pro-bono collaboration offered by the members of The Watson Society.

Associations interested in partnering with The Watson Society can contact us at info@thewatsonsociety.eu

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